#2 Are all macros created equal for fat loss?

#2 – Are all macros created equal for fat loss?

So today is a bit of a bum-tickler, are all macros created equal when it comes to fat loss?

If they are then life would become a whole lot easier. All you would need to do is count macros without differentiating between qualities and you’d be away. Unfortunately though when comparing fats, it just isn’t that simple.

Point 1 & hopefully a no brainer – you need a calorie deficit for fat loss. No deficit, no fat loss.

In a study (linked below) carried out on overweight men it turned out that actually, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) increased fat loss whilst in a deficit MORE than normal long chain fats. As this study showed this could be because MCTs (in this case Coconut Oil) raises metabolism (metabolic rate) more than Olive Oil in the test subjects.

For this reason you may want to think about switching out your long chain fatty acids for MCTs if you’re in a calorie deficit, which may not be the worst thing as:

1. They taste damn fine, (Can you say Coconut Oil cooked scrambled eggs… game changer)
2. They’ll most likely speed up your summer shred

So, Are all macros created equal for fat loss? No. MCTs beat Long Chain every time but remember – you will not lose fat without a caloric deficit! Start there and build out.

Mind blown, have an awesome day!

P.s. From experience the best source of MCTs are Coconuts / Coconut Oil

P.p.s. Remember that a calorie deficit is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF FAT LOSS. If you’re new to dieting (or an old hand) always start there and then intro the fancy stuff as your knowledge improves


St-Onge, Marie-Pierre, et al. “Medium-Chain Triglycerides Increase Energy Expenditure And Decrease Adiposity In Overweight Men.” Obesity Research 11.3 395-403

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