#8 – What is calorie cycling?

Today I’m looking into calorie cycling – more specifically answering What is calorie cycling? And should I be doing it?

A form of intermittent fasting this extreme calorie cycling strategy is where you lower calories every other day. For example you may then eat 2000 calories on Monday, Wednesday & Friday of each week and 500 calories on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday of each week.

It can help you lose a lot of fat, however can also cause muscle loss if you aren’t careful.

This calorie cycling tool is less likely to cause muscle loss if you have extra body fat to lose as body fat spares muscle mass. For example, if you are 16% body fat you won’t lose as much lean mass as you would at 9% body fat.

But would I recommend following this calorie cycling protocol? For the right person it can be very effective but it is not something I’d recommend to any of my clients. Break it down and it’s a simple calorie deficit in fancy wrapping. Kind of like wrapping a banana in harrods finest gift wrapping paper.

Should you be calorie cycling? No – track your calories daily against a weekly target, eat in a deficit and live a little on the weekend.

Have an amazing day!

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