#9 – is Sucralose safe?

Artificial sweeteners get a bad rap so today I’m answering the question – is Sucralose safe?

In a world where sugar is the devil and artificial sweeteners are seen as his best mate it’s hard to know what to do when you just wanted to sweeten up your morning cup of tea a bit.

While artificial sweeteners are certainly controversial both in and out of the fitness scene, studies seem to show that Sucralose IS actually safe.

Unlike common table sugar that is seen as a carbohydrate by the body and absorbed once ingested, taking up calories and spiking blood sugar levels, sucralose is made by substituting chlorine for hydroxyl groups on a table sugar molecule (sucrose). Once this process has been completed it is no longer recognised as a carbohydrate and passes through the body relatively unchanged with insignificant amounts being absorbed.

Couple this with the fact that Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than table sugar meaning you don’t need much of it you quickly understand that the amount you’re absorbing is nil to none.

So, is Sucralose safe? If you are injecting it then no but if you are eating it then yes it is. Though it may be a modified version of sugar itself and similar to aspartame the body no longer recognises it the same way allowing it to pass through the digestive system unabsorbed. No absorption, no problem.

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