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I founded The Transformation Lab as stage 1 in my mission to bring back the fitness industries credibility. I'm tired of seeing people struggling by on low calorie, tasteless shakes and following plans created by insta stars without proper periodisation or progression.

The Lab and it's plans are here to bring high quality, easy to follow transformation programmes straight to your inbox. Our plans will help to educate, inspire and completely change how your body both looks and feels - without starving yourself in the process!

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  • 5 years as a Personal Trainer
  • 3 years as a Transformation Specialist
  • Former Strength & Conditioning Coach for Professional Athletes
  • 1/3 is the average amount of body fat clients lose during his 60 day programme
  • 60-90 days is how long it takes to completely transform your body

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Based around three pillars of wellness - Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle, The Transformation Lab brings together a collaborative of the UK's top trainers and nutritionists to bring you results.

Our goal is to bring the highest quality transformation programmes straight to your inbox. Covering all aspects of Training, Lifestyle and Nutrition we shun low calorie, highly processed foods in favour of REAL food that get's REAL results for your health and body-composition. If you haven't already head to our results page to check out some of our unbelievable results!

With each transformation programme our primary goal is to effectively enable you to achieve your goals. Improving your knowledge of fitness and nutrition whilst also learning the essential lifestyle habits required to maintain your results year round, and long after your transformation ends!

If you are based in London there is also the opportunity to train with Coach Clem, or one of our other Transformation Coaches in person on your own bespoke transformation programme. Hosted by our award winning partner gym, Core Collective (High Street Kensington) this programme will fully immerse you in a complete Lifestyle Transformation. Available in 4 & 8 week packages this incredibly popular option has limited availability. Please get in touch before booking.




  • 6% - the average amount of body fat lost in a 45day period by past graduates
  • 5 star - our average review on google
  • 207kg (454lbs) - the amount of fat lost in the London postcode W8 so far this year, the equivalent of 2 baby elephants
  • 30 - the number of clients our Transformation Coaches have worked with 1-on-1 this year


Coach Clem - Head Trainer

With an extensive training background Celebrity Trainer, Coach Clem, heads The Transformation Labs programme design and face to face implementation across London.

With experience and qualifications in Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Mobility and advanced nutrition, Coach Clem has worked with athletes, celebrities and general population clients across the world to successfully and consistently aid fat loss and muscle gain.

To book your transformation with Clem simply select Clem in the drop down prior to purchase.

Jaime Tully - Head of Yoga

An ex-gymnast, Jaime was initially drawn to yoga as a way to continue her love-affair of inversions. Her journey has taken her to several different parts of the world, including India, where she qualified as an Instructor in Ashtanga and Vinyasa with Sampoorna Yoga.

Jaime's sessions combine fluid movement with static core-driven holds and playful inversions. Expect to sweat and be challenged, whilst having fun.

Freedom starts with movement.

To book a session with Jaime follow this link.

The Transformation Lab Trainer

Carl van Heerden - Transformation Coach

South African by heart, Londoner by Trade. Carl brings energy like no other.

With experience and qualifications in Spin, Rowing, Interval Training, Crossfit and Ultra Distance Running, Carl knows what it takes to adapt your movements and push your body to change fast! 

To book your transformation with Carl simply select Carl in the drop down prior to purchase.

The Transformation Lab Trainers

Paddy Colman - Transformation Coach

As the Head Trainer at Core Collective Paddy's experience is vast.

A specialist in keeping things short and effective Paddy uses body-weight, TRX and Kettlebell training in a highly effective cardio and metabolic conditioning format to get you toned and defined fast.

To book your transformation with Paddy simply select Paddy in the drop down prior to purchase.

Latest from the blog.

"The transformation package has literally transformed me. After slipping discs I found exercising challenging, physically and mentally I was weak. Clem is an amazing coach, tough yet understanding, caring yet strict."

- Cheryl Munoz