Mobility Series: Part 1, The Importance of Mobility work for neck & back pain

Mobility matters as no body is perfect.

By which I literally mean, no body has the ability to move flawlessly. Move entirely without impingement, imbalance, or mis-alignment, save for perhaps the most elite gymnast or yogi.

Mobility is defined as our ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Something that is incredibly important to not only sporting performance but also quality of life through injury prevention.

For perspective sitting down, be that at work, in front of the TV etc causes tight hip flexors and unwanted pressure on the intervertebral disks throughout the neck and spine, especially when it is for multiple hours at a time which is common place in the modern world.

It is this compression and misalignment that are the initial triggers of Lower Back and Neck pain, conditions that result in nearly 31 million days taken off work in the UK alone as was revealed in a 2013 Labour Force Survey with an estimated cost of £7.4 billion each year to the UK economy.

An additional study by medical journal The Lancet, published in 2012 found that musculoskeletal conditions were the second greatest cause of disability in the world. Affecting over 1.7 billion people worldwide.

Suffering from Musculo-skeletal disorders is like owning a ferrari without wheels. It doesn’t matter how healthy the rest of the body is if you don’t have the mobility and dexterity to use it.

Thankfully Musculo-skeletal issues are entirely avoidable with as little as 60 seconds per day having the capacity to change your quality of life enormously, especially if you are already less mobile.

The more mobile you become however the more time you should spend further extending your range of motion.

For those that are new to the world of mobility below is a link to a basic animal flow routine that is fantastic for shoulder, back, hip and ankle health. Please do feel free to have a go!

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