Santa Maria Pizza Review

Santa Maria Pizza Review – Fulham


Okay, let’s start with the basics. If anybody reading this is taking part in my Transformation Programme, or one of my Online Programmes do not think that what is about to follow falls within the Nutrition plan. Because it most definitely doesn’t.
The food you are about to see, and hear discussed is ‘soul’ food. You can safely partake in this ‘soul’ food for anything between 40-60 meals per year depending on your body type whilst not impacting ’the shred’. SO by all means go crazy, but remember, too much of anything will do you a mischief – pizza and beer included.

Chow down

Santa Maria Fulham is 1 of 3 in the UK capital, Time Out Magazine also ranked it in the UK’s Top 100 restaurants and well as London’s best Pizza. So for a place where starters will cost you less than a £6 and most mains are sub £10 you get a helluva lot for your money!
Laid out in an artists wet dream, decor is a step above what I’ve come to expect from your standard pizza joint. With a viking table set up you could easily rock up with a group of friends or work colleagues for a sit down power lunch, or celebratory meal however make sure to book as this hidden gem has gathered a huge following since it was established in 2010.
Despite being in a large group with sporadic arrival times & hugely varied taste the service kept pace with ease. Drinks arrived quickly (& ice cold) with pizza’s laid out with cheese still bubbling from the traditional wood fired pizza oven.
Santa Maria Pizza Review
I started with the Meatballs, made from free range rare breed pork from north yorkshire mixed with Mozerella opting for the Classic over the ’Nduja & Ricotta (because I didn’t know what a ’Nduja was!), they were served with a delicious San Marzano tomato sauce DOP and parmesan. The serving was large (4 balls) and the taste was something else, they were indulgent, delicious and unbelievably only £3.95.
With the starter demolished it was followed quickly by the signature Santa Paola pizza. A truly authentic Neapolitan Pizza, topped with lashings of Mozerella, mushrooms, rare breed sausage and the mystical ’nduja. I’m going to just come out and say it was the best pizza I have ever had in England. Very potentially the best pizza I have had period however I feel another tasting may be required to support such a claim. The base was crisp, the crust a beautiful, soft, almost creamy doughy texture. It was an explosion of flavour. And a steal at £10.45. WTF.
I could rattle on about this place for a long time but the main takeaway for me is that this place was shit hot. Definitely go with high expectations and an empty belly. But only when you have your next cheat meal!
Stay shredded,
P.s. I had Tiramisu, it rocked, I’m not sorry. If anyone needs me I’ll be on the treadmill for the next few hours.

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